Friday, February 25, 2011

Take some damn personal responsibility!!


No, you should not take responsibility for a jack-ass who asks, "Who is going to shoot President Obama?" but you should take responsibility for not telling that man, and the audience who LAUGHED at the question, that not only is the question inappropriate but also DANGEROUS AS HELL!!!

HELLO! We still have a member of Congress recovering from being SHOT IN THE HEAD. Today is the birthday of one of her staffers who died, Gabe Zimmerman. One of her other staffers returned to work on Wednesday, Pamela Simon. Political violence is real even if it's a crazy man who pulls the trigger. And it's the crazy person we should all keep in mind when violent words are spoken.

And no, a belated lame-ass statement IS NOT accepting personal responsibility for allowing a violent question to go unaddressed. We do not accept changing the subject, allowing people to laugh without being told to stop and without a significant statement AT THE TIME calling that language UNACCEPTABLE.

I think a proper way to show personal responsibility is for Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) to resign. That way the message is loud and clear -- Americans DO NOT THREATEN THE PRESIDENT.


Broadway Carl said...

And liberals are upset that Obama is not fulfilling his campaign "promise" to picket with workers.

When people think stuff like this is okay to say in a town hall meeting in front of a sitting member of Congress and people LAUGH ABOUT IT, I don't want my president anywhere near an exposed place like a picket line. It's not a safe or secure thing to do. And with death threats against this particular president up 400% since he took office, even more so.

jhw22 said...