Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And Suck It Again, Obama Haters


As Broadway Carl eloquently stated in his previous post, "Suck it!" And I want to join in.

After hearing all day how the getting of Bin Laden is because of Bush, I just wanted to state, ignorant as I may seem, that I didn't know Bush invented interrogation. Funny, I thought that asking someone questions to solve a mystery had been around since at least Columbo or even Murder, She Wrote. But listening to all those who can't give credit where credit is due (to Obama), you'd think questions weren't invented until the era of Bush.

Oh, but more specifically, the torture-style of interrogation is what they mean when they say Bush policies single-handedly led to the catching of the guy THEY couldn't get until "that one" was in office. Oh, so again, I learned something today. I didn't realize Bush invented torture. Funny, I thought trying hurt something out of someone had been around since at least The Princess Bride or something.

But nope. Bush is the mastermind behind capturing the mastermind all with the ask of a question followed by a beating. All those TV shows and movies made long before Bush was President, that showed people with toothpicks in their eyelids and stuff, weren't real. Well, duh, Jen, they were movies! Duh.

So what was that the North Vietnamese did to John McCain if that wasn't torture or interrogation? Because if Bush created those techniques of intelligence-gathering, then it certainly wasn't what we thought it was.

I guess I should agree with Sarah Palin and give thanks to President BUSH. Because if he hadn't created the genius idea to ask people questions in order to get answers, where would we be today? See! I JUST asked a question. Holy shit. I should thank Bush for the ability to do that. I never could have done that without him.

But now I am perplexed. If Bush was the one who set up this way of getting information, how did the Clinton Administration get all that information on Bin Laden that the Bush Administration ignored? Oh, wait, because the premise of interrogation or that of torture didn't exist, then I guess all intelligence was moot, thus ignorable.

THAT must be why it was easy to blame Clinton for not having a stragery to get, or help Bush get, Bin Laden before 9/11. And since Dana Perino informed us that 9/11 didn't happen on Bush's watch -- but the invention of interrogation did, THAT is why we must now bow to Bush for Bin Laden being found 10 years after 9/11 and about that many years after the invention of interrogation.

So, next question (I love this invention of asking questions thing) is: what could Bush have done better to see to it that the magical act of interrogation yielded results BEFORE a long, drawn-out, expensive war -- scratch that -- BEFORE TWO long, drawn-out, expensive warS? I am so curious to find out. Maybe when Obama completely ends the wars Bush started, we'll know what Bush invented to allow Obama to do that. Because, as I have learned today -- the black man ain't accomplished shit until the white man takes credit for it in contortionist revisionist bullshit.

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vera lynn said...

another Goddamn Awesome. I believe I'm just going to post the whole page link..... most excellent.
but be careful with that whole asking questions thing....that can be dangerous.