Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hey Trump, Grow A Set

After weeks of interview after interview, questioning the citizenship of the President of the United States, calling it possibly "one of the greatest scams in history," and even flat out lying about having investigators in Hawaii following up on the birther conspiracy theory, Donald Trump showed how absolutely paper thin-skinned he is by his comments following being eaten alive at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night.

Being booed upon his entrance to the venue outside the friendly confines of the Fox News/Right Wing bubble, Trump sat stern-faced and got schooled by the President and Seth Meyers. A guest of the Washington Post, Trump thought President Obama wouldn't mention him, but when you're an ignorant loud mouth and suggest the president's birthplace was somewhere other than America, and question his intelligence for the last two months, I suppose you'd be stupid enough to think that you're untouchable even when sitting in the same room with the President.

Back at home under the protective wings of Rupert Murdoch, Trump licked his wounds.

“You get to a certain level and you rise to a certain level, let’s say in this case in the polls and boy, does the world come after you,” Trump, a potential 2012 candidate, said on "Fox and Friends*" Sunday.
...“I really knew what I was getting into last night. I had no idea it would be to that extent where, you know just joke after joke after joke,” the mogul said. “It was almost like, is there anyone else they can talk about?
...He also found the event “inappropriate in certain respects” and spent the evening thinking about how “the American people are really suffering and we’re all having a good time.”
First of all, no, you didn't know what you were getting into or else you wouldn't have predicted you wouldn't be mentioned. And secondly, are you that worried about "the American people suffering"? You didn't have to go, did you? I'm sure you don't enjoy your life because of the suffering of your fellow human beings in the country you love so much.

But seriously, what did you think of Seth Meyers, Donald?
“His (Meyers) delivery was not good. He’s a stutterer and he really was having a hard time,” Trump said of the “Saturday Night Live” star.
...Uh, huh. I suppose that's why Meyers got a rare standing ovation in this forum from the crowd. Because his delivery sucked. Or maybe you just didn't like the jokes at your expense. Just sayin'.

How soon do you think Trump was on the phone to NBC looking for a way to have Seth Meyers fired? And Donald, if you can't take a good ribbing from a "friendly" foe, what's going to happen once you start playing hardball with the big boys in the primaries? You know you'll actually need to know more than talking points during the debates, don't you? Oh wait... The Republican primaries. My mistake.

* Fox and Friends is broadcast on Sundays as well?! Man, that's a whole lotta stupid on one channel.

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