Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh, you didn't think I was finished, did you?


I am quite proud of the Navy Seals who went in and cleanly killed Osama Bin Laden. I am filled with relief and joy that not one of them came out in a body bag. It sounds, for now anyway, that they overcame challenges well and accomplished the mission with minimal problems. Kudos.

They deserve kudos. They deserve to be cheered.

And so does their Commander in Chief.

Their Commander in Chief made the ultimate call to send in a small, focused group of Seals so that we could get Bin Laden with little collateral damage, have a body to identify and even gather better intelligence than any intelligence any interrogator with a bucket of water could ever get.

Kudos, also, to Leon Panetta. As the head of the CIA, tasked by the Commander in Chief with developing a plan to get Bin Laden -- something Bush decided wasn't such a big deal after all -- Panetta delivered. I am seriously looking forward to seeing the changes in the Department of Defense after what we learned about this administration this weekend. As much as I appreciate and respect Secretary Gates, I think he's exhausted and Panetta will step in with a new vision -- one I think Gates would be proud to manage if he had the energy left.

But I digress in my kudos.

What I really came here to say is: as much as the Seals are to be respected, what if each one had FUBARed? What if one fired on a fellow Seal by mistake? What if one slipped and let Bin Laden escape? What if one forgot to load his weapon? If each one made stupid, human error that could not be blamed on anyone but each one of them, only one person would have taken all the blame: Barack Obama.

Yep, the man who many can't seem to bring themselves to thank, would have been their gleeful target of blame.

And that, as one of many reasons, is why they SHOULD suck it up and thank the man for doing what the previous two Presidents couldn't. Obama didn't just get Bin Laden. He got him, he got him fast. He got him clean. He got him without taking 150,000 into the wrong country to do it. Give him your thanks. And then suck it!


Vic said...

Me, I am extremely proud to see another example of the President doing what he said he would do! He continues to be a man of his word, and that's good enough for me. Along with you guys I offer 'kudos' to all who were involved in this operation, which sounds like a good testament of departments working together. If some right leaning folks need to twist themselves out of shape to give undeserved credit, IMO it just helps to reveal more of their underbellies. Reminds me of a saying of my grandmother - 'The higher monkey climbs, the more he exposes himself.' It is my belief that more rational, and 'real', right wing Americans are having their eyes opened gradually and consistently to the fact that America has a terrific president.

vera lynn said...

nicely said Vic