Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mr. Clean Energy

Running for governor in 2009, Chris Christie vowed to become “New Jersey’s No. 1 clean-energy advocate.” That was a hollow promise. As governor, Mr. Christie proceeded to cut all the money for the Office of Climate and Energy. He raided $158 million from the clean energy fund, meant for alternative energy investments, and spent it on general programs. He withdrew the state from an important lawsuit against electric utilities to reduce emissions.
On Thursday, he took the worst step of all: He abandoned the 10-state initiative in the Northeast that uses a cap-and-trade system to lower carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants. The program has been remarkably successful, a model of vision and fortitude. Lacking that, Mr. Christie has given in to the corporate and Tea Party interests that revile all forms of cap and trade, letting down the other nine states trying to fight climate change.
He's happy to accept the funds generated by the initiative while claiming it doesn't work, contrary to the statements of other governors in the program. For someone who's so concerned about the state deficit, Christie sure is quick to make decision that have cost New Jersey at least $650 million in his short tenure. When will the New Jersey residents who voted this buffoon into office realize that he's nothing but a fraud? So far it seems the only thing Christie's cleaned as governor is the refrigerator. Yes, that was a fat joke.

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