Saturday, June 4, 2011

Must Reads

Ezra Klein: GOP Jobs Plan: Old Ideas, Fancy New Clip Art

Jonathan Chait: The Tax Freeloader Myth

Allan, ABL Chronicles: Clarence Thomas – The Original #Weinergate

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.: Michele Bachmann's Stance on Evolution Demolished by High School Student

Kate Sheppard: House GOP Tells DHS to Stop Worrying About Climate Change

Paul Krugman: Fatal Fatalism

John Nichols: One If By Misstatement, Two If By Ignorant: Palin Gets an "F" in American History

Michael Winship: Secret Cash: The Worst Political Scandal of All

JHW22 recommends...

Anthea Butler: Palin Bus Tour Like Gideon’s Fleece

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