Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Palin Not Running

No links. No news. No surprise.

I could have told you Sarah Palin wasn't running for the nomination a year and a half ago. The only reason she chose to make her announcement was because she saw all the attention NJ Governor Chris Christie was attracting when he decided to have a press conference to state the same thing he's been saying for a year now. And as we all know by now, whether it be Christie or Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin is so goddamn shallow she can't stand not being the center of attention.

Palin's not running?! ...Yawn....

1 comment:

NowhereMan said...

Say it ain't so Sarah!How are we going to move forward as a nation without your brilliant wisdom on stage with the other seven clowns on stage?Another Halperin prediction goes up in smoke but wait!He also predicted Trump would get in the race!Don't hold tour breath for that one either.Don't you hate it when these paid pundits are always so wrong and your unpaid wisdom goes unrewarded?Oops I forgot that you have to sound like an idiot to get tv time.