Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christie Not Running

Chris Christie is having a press conference at 1pm to announce that he is not running for the Republican nomination for the presidential race. In other words, he's making news by announcing what he's been saying for the last twelve months.

Now let's give Christie a little credit. Even though sources say he was reconsidering his position after hearing the outcry of voters who aren't satisfied with any of the eight current nominees, he was smart enough to realize that even if he were ready to be president, he's nowhere near ready organizationally to run a national campaign.

The question will soon shift to who will the voters clamor for as their next flavor of the week?

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NowhereMan said...

Seriously,he was in no shape physically to run-literally.That time he took the police helicopter to see his sons baseball game when he landed he took a limo to travel the remaining 200yards to the field.If your that lazy when your that fat you obviously have physical problems.With the grind of a presidential race of racing back and forth across the country,he was a heart attack waiting to happen.He would've lost either way.Too bad he was the Koch Bros.favorite candidate.
As for the flavor of the week,isn't Hank Williams jr now unemployed.