Sunday, July 29, 2012

Romney Hightails It Out of London - Campaign Shoots Barbs From Afar

It seems that the Romney campaign can't seem to stop stepping on its own tongue. Rather than leave well enough alone and quitting while they're behind, the Romney camp decided totalk toughafter they left London for Israel.

A Romney campaign official has blasted Boris Johnson, the London Mayor, as an ‘eccentric, odd fellow’ whose public attack on the Republican candidate was ‘unbecoming’ and an indication of his bias towards President Barack Obama...  
'Johnson on the other hand lived up to his reputation as an eccentric, odd fellow. It was unbecoming to attack Governor Romney in that way. There really was no need. But Johnson made it clear in 2008 that his vote would have gone to Obama.’
So, Romney can insult London, but London can't insult Romney. It's "unbecoming." Got it.

In the meantime, the Romney campaign hasdenied access to reporters in his scheduled Jerusalem fundraiser.
Romney's campaign is barring reporters from a fundraiser at Jerusalem's King David Hotel and not saying why. At U.S. events, Romney's remarks to donors in communal spaces such as hotels are typically public.
You know what I find unbecoming? A "President" Mitt Romney.

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