Friday, August 3, 2012

Job Search

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Since President Obama was elected, his policies (the ones NOT blocked by the GOP) have created 4.5 million jobs. There are days when I get so furious thinking how many more jobs his policies could have created had the GOP actually not been assholes.
4.5 million jobs! That's a LOT. That's a lot considering how close we were to a Depression. It's kind of like being in 8th place until the last 50 meters and then pulling out all you've got and getting the Silver Have to have an Olympic reference, right). We still need to get the Gold but that would require some team effort. Sadly, with the GOP working against us, our team isn't being very productive.

Today we got a new jobs report and our economy added 163,000 jobs. The unemployment rate went up a click and that's what the GOP will focus on. They'll pretend the addition of jobs is a bad thing because the percent went up. But 163,000 jobs exist that didn't exist before.

Net Job by Pop Growth
-- Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

As a person who has been looking for a job for the first time in six years, and really longer ago than that because I had a job before I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, this is great news.

However, my problem isn't the number of jobs out there. I look at job boards several times a day. I have apps I check obsessively. I see jobs all day long. I see jobs in health care. I see jobs in retail. I see clerical jobs. And at times I see jobs in my field. But the jobs I see the most are in technical fields. Seriously. The problem isn't that we don't have jobs. The problem is that we aren't all qualified for the plethora of good paying jobs because we all decided to major in Literature (well, I did, anyway).

So I have a hard time applying for more jobs than I'd like simply because I don't have the skill sets needed for the jobs that ARE out there.

I read a quote a few weeks ago and I think about it all the time. I have to paraphrase it because I don't remember it specifically, and I have no idea who said it, but the gist is this:
[quote]Don't wait for something to happen. MAKE something happen.[/quote]
I'm trying to follow this in my job search. I am trying to be creative and inventive. It hasn't worked so far but at least I FEEL in control. I KNOW I'm not in control -- after all, there are hundreds of applicants competing for the same jobs, I've been off the circuit for A LONG TIME, and I have to admit I had a pretty glaring error on the resumes I was submitting for almost two months. I can't control the person's schedule who receives my resume to ensure they don't go on vacation or call in sick while my resume is at the top of the stack.

But I can take classes, I can read books, I can read articles, I can find ways to hone my skills.

And I can help re-elect President Obama and work to elect good Democrats to support him in Congress. Because if the 2012 election results in a Democratic win, I am confident that Obama will have more job creation policies enacted and a lot more opportunities for ALL of us and not just the techies. Or hell, maybe I can find something to hold me over while I become a techie, myself. Ahahahahaha. That was funny.

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