Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jon Stewart 2009

First good slam of the New Year by Jon Stewart directed at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg regarding the Israeli response in Gaza (video): "Let me just phrase it for you in something that will bring it home: If you're in your apartment and some emotionally disturbed person is banging on the front door screaming,'I'm gonna come through this door and kill you,' do you want us to respond with one police officer, which is proportional, or with all the resources at our command?"

Stewart: I guess it depends if I force that guy to live in my hallway and make him go through checkpoints every time he has to take a shit. But then again by removing him by force, as long as you really believe that there'll be no more crazy people left in New York, (using McCain "Dick Fingers") okay.

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Anonymous said...

Little fuckin Munchkin has to stick his nose where it dont belong.Everytime i see him i expect him to break out and sing "we represent the lollipop guild,the lollipop guild"