Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama Speech on Economy

I just tuned in to MSNBC and it looks like everyone's waiting on the egde of their seats for President-elect Obama to give "a major speech on the economy." Chris Matthews is wondering why Obama can give a great written speech but isn't as articulate when answering questions in a news conference setting.

Really. Tweety? As compared to whom? Need I say more?

I'll update as I get more.

11:32am - Here's the speech in a nutshell. We know we're going to spend more money and we'll increase the deficit in the short term, but if we don't do anything, we'll continue to lose jobs and precious time.

Obama then laid out the list of programs to rebuild jobs in the private sector.

He also said it's time for Congress to stop dragging their feet. They'll need to work long hours, night and even weekends to get this package done. And there was a reiteration of downplaying adding earmarks to this bill. This bill is not the time for pork.

Video and/or transcript to follow.

11:38am - MSNBC: Obama: Pass stimulus or recession lasts ‘years’
President-elect warns the downturn could become ‘dramatically worse’

11:43am - NY Times: Obama to Warn of Costs of Inaction on the Economy

12:05pm: Video of the speech.

12:08PM - Motherfuckin' Mitch McConnell with his "mob museums and water slides" bullshit line again. God, I hate that asshole. And he'd like to see the stimulus package be given to the states as LOANS. I don't claim know anything about economics, but if most states are working in deficits already, what the fuck good does that do?! I really wish these fuckwads had been a little more concerned about budget deficits these last 8 years and not just the last two months.


Anonymous said...

"Tweety".. "Motherfuckin'"...

Sigh. If only I had the literary skills of Carl!

Broadway Carl said...

I know, I know. Someday, Anonymous. Someday.