Monday, January 5, 2009

Mob Museums and Water Slides

Mitch McConnell is such a fucking pussy. They've just come out of a meeting with Obama after discussing the economic stimulus package that PE Obama is proposing, and this fuck-o just said (paraphrasing),"As far as the spending portion of the economic stimulus package brought forward by President-elect Obama, we need to make sure it's not for mob museums and water slides." Can't these fucking assholes think for themselves just one time instead of looking at their right wing talking point crib notes?! Jesus Fucking Christ!

And now Whiskey Boy Boehner is slurring something about "Democrat colleagues." It's DEMOCRATIC, FUCKWAD. I'm all for trying to work in a bipartisan fashion, but if these motherfuckers don't start showing mutual respect to the other party, I'm gonna take a bat to someone's head.

Ugh, now cross-eyed Ron Christie is going to say something stupid. I can't even watch. Here it comes... earmarks. I'm waiting for him to say mob museums and water slides.

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