Friday, January 23, 2009

More Morning Joke™ Hijinks (Another in a seemingly never ending series)

My e-mail to Morning Joke™:

Hi Morning Joe Team,

During your interview with Rudy Giuliani, he mentioned that a released Guantanamo prisoner was discovered killing people the day after President Obama order Gitmo to be closed. (He said it with some unfortunate laughter.)

I have two questions:

1 - Why didn't anyone respond to Giuliani with the fact that Obama isn't talking about releasing those in Gitmo, but transferring them to other prisons. He respects the rule of law and habeas corpus.

2 - Since President Obama has only been sworn in since Tuesday, who was it that released these 30 or 40 prisoners that Giuliani talked about? Oh, right. It was the Bush Administration. God forbid you should mention those facts to America's Mayor.

Adding - After further review of the video, Giuliani acknowledged that "Obviously, even the Bush administration made mistakes in releasing these people." (2:40 mark) But he still insists that that is the reason we can't "let them go."

If anyone has been paying attention, we're not letting them go. If Rudy was paying attention, his suggestion of reviewing Gitmo prisoners on a case by case basis is exactly the reason there was a 120 day suspension of the legal proceedings at Gitmo.

Guantanamo is shutting down because it's an illegal operation. And the reason the Bush administration had to "release these people," is because evidence was flimsy, and any coerced confession was deemed inadmissible even according to the military tribunal system that they devised! If they had gone about using the legal system and incarcerating those they thought were the enemy without denying them habeas corpus and kept them in a legally state run prison, chances are they would have gotten a better conviction rate. All they did was to infuriate some of these people (not all, but some) to the point of becoming terrorists after their release. The same people that Giuliani's complaining about.

I also think it's asinine for Senators with an 'R' after their name to be outraged at the possibility of transferring current Gitmo detainees to prisons in their home states. What are they going to do? Do these alleged terrorists have special terrorist super powers that allows them to break out of maximum security prisons that serial killers and rapists don't? Are they worried that the prison walls will crumble around a Gitmo detainee once he's inside? The cowardice of these Republican Senators is astonishing.

(H/T Bob Cesca)

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Fraulein said...

Carl watches Morning Joke so the rest of us don't have to. My only question is how he does so without his brain exploding.