Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wingnut Frenzy

The day after President Obama's inauguration, I joked with a friend who asked me what I thought and I and said, "Hey, it's 24 hours later and we haven't been hit by a nuclear attack. So far, so good..." Little did I know that some crazies in America are actually thinking that way. Let me rephrase that: I knew that some nutballs would think that way, I just didn't know that they all worked for Fox News.

It's now Day Four of the Obama administration and the frothy mouthed zaniness from the right hasn't even slowed enough to down a few Prozac with a tequila chaser. The Freakazoids at Fox apparently didn't realize that the Republicans lost last November 4th. Big time. And instead of attempting to make adjustments to deal with their new found insignificance, they wasted the last eleven weeks huddled in a fetal position called "Denial," hoping that something bad, something catastrophic would happen so former President Bush could invoke his hairbrained Executive Directive 51 and remain in power. Hell, even I was holding my breath until January 20th. But it never happened. The other shoe never dropped; rather it was thrown, and the CEO of BushCo. took his last governmental helicopter ride to the sounds of a familiar song.

But it didn't take long for the MENSA members at Fox to start with the fear-mongering and casting doubt to the legitimacy of the Presidency of Barack Obama in the early hours of his first day as President, as this Daily Show clip will illustrate:

It's pretty incredible that the same morons who were crying "Treason!" at the dissenting voices opposed to Bush administration policies would now call opposing the Obama administration "protest." To those voices I say, "Suck it! Time for the grown ups to take over."

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