Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesse Ventura Continues His Torture Rant on The View

Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues to defend torture. Ventura sets her straight. She also tries to fudge the facts of KSM giving up all pertinent information after he was waterboarded when the fact is that it was before he was waterboarded.

The interesting part is that she shows she's not stupid. She's overmatched by the facts and Jesse Ventura so she throws the kitchen sink at him including Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, as if they were the architects of "enhanced interrogation." Ventura never flinches and doesn't get sidetracked.


Annette said...

Jesse is going to be on Sean Hannity's show tonight.. That would be interesting.. but no way am I giving any ratings to Hannity.. will watch the videos

Matt Osborne said...

You have to love it when the man who declared "I don't have time to bleed" can speak as forcefully on a subject like this.

He may have been a disappointing governor, but you have to love the guy. He's an American original.