Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birther Bullshit (The G. Gordon Liddy Edition)

Conservative radio talk show host and convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy was on Hardball tonight and while feeling the effects of downing a bottle of vicodin with a fifth of scotch, or at least looking that way, tried to slur through the evidence of the Birther Movement. Chris Matthews won't leave the Birther crap alone and reams Liddy a new asshole. Good thing he's too wasted to feel it.

Grab your popcorn!


NowhereMan said...

Liddy appeared sedated or was simply behaving like the one of the mind-numb robots the wing nuts call their base.
I read the book he wrote after he got caught breaking into the Watergate Hotel.It was called "will".
It confirms hes very disturbed.

Fraulein said...

Of all the creepy raving nutjob wingnuts, this guy is among the most repugnant. I can't even look at him, he's so disgusting. He belongs in a padded cell.