Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did Harry Reid Just Sink Health Care Reform?

AP: Senate Democratic leaders on Thursday abandoned plans for a vote on health care before Congress' August recess, dealing a blow to President Barack Obama's ambitious timetable to revamp the nation's $2.4 trillion system of medical care.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., delivered the official word on what had been expected for weeks, saying, "It's better to have a product based on quality and thoughtfulness rather than try to jam something through."
His words were a near-echo of Republicans who have criticized the rush to act on complex legislation that affects every American.
I'm at a loss for words. On one hand, I can understand the logic in making sure we get this right and that it's deficit neutral. On the other hand, we all know that the longer this takes, the more likely it is that any reform with teeth could be killed by special interest groups. What I don't understand is the "after the August recess" part.

If the Senate wants to take the time to go over it carefully, then don't wait for a month before starting. Do it now. Stay in Washington. By the time they get back, another 50,000 Americans will lose their health care and another estimated 400,000 with lose it because they will lose their jobs. I hope Harry Reid can live with that.


Wolfe Tone said...

He can live with it, Carl. It's easy if you simply don't give a shit about anyone other than yourself.

vyccan said...

Deciding on July 23rd that they'll wait til after the August recess puzzles me too. So the 'recess, in effect, is starting now! Most people in the real world have to work up to the day their vacation starts; it's disheartening to realize that Harry and the gang are pushing their work aside 11/2-2 weeks before vacation.

NowhereMan said...

Lets face it people ,they don't give a shit about you .they are more concerned about attending the next fund raiser than they are about you getting health care.
In this country as this health care battle clearly shows,democracy is nothing more than legalized bribe taking and extortion.If this is what democracy is all about,we should all embrace socialism.At least you will have free health care and you won't have to deal with a bunch of elitist, disengenuous S O Bs waiting for them to give you the thumbs up or thumbs down from their marble tower.Jefferson is turning over in his grave

bjritz said...

I'm with NowhereMan, I think we should restart the counters and see how much money the Senators raise from health care interests between now and when this is finally up for vote.
That will be the story of the why.

Fraulein said...

Jesus, this is so depressing...