Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tweet of the Day

A David Gregory tweet during President Obama's press conference on health care. There is no longer any need to wonder why Meet The Press sucks ass.


Matt Osborne said...

What I said Monday:

The longest-running show in the history of broadcast television passed on yesterday. It was 62.

Meet the Press began as radio promotion for a now-defunct magazine. Orphaned from its radio network, the show was adopted by NBC, where it would dominate Sunday programming for six decades.

Meet the Press was preceded in death by Tim Russert, Roger Mudd, and the career of Garrick Utley.

Survivors include legendary NBC news anchor and helicopter pilot Tom Brokaw; Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday; and the career of David Gregory.

Services will be held on ABC's This Week with obsequies offered by George Stephanopoulis.

NowhereMan said...

If you think a major presidential press conference on health care is more important than a meaningless Mets-Nationals game,he begs to differ.

Fraulein said...

OK, plus...this is his goddamn JOB to be there covering the press conference, right? As far as I'm concerned this is the same thing as if he pulled out his cell phone in the middle of the press conference and started having a personal chat. Revolting.