Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Birther Bullshit - UPDATED

On yesterday's Hardball, Chris Matthews went after Rep. John Campbell (R-Douchelandia) for being asinine enough to co-sponsor the "birther bill" requiring future Presidents to provide proof of citizenship with their birth certificate. Campbell thinks it will lay doubts to rest, not realizing (or maybe realizing all too well) that it's only fueling the fire for the nutballs who don't like the idea of a black man being the President and are using this sorry excuse to discredit Obama's rightful place in office.

He argues that this would have been the same for John McCain or George Romney, but I don't remember anyone seriously doubting the citizenship of McCain during the campaign. And if they did, it was only in response to the craziness of the issue coming from the wingnuts. I think Chris does a good job of putting Campbell in his place.

UPDATE (2:25pm): Does anyone think Lou Dobbs has any credibility left after this?

Media Matters:
Dobbs joins right-wing media promoting birth certificate conspiracy theories
July 22, 2009: In light of CNN host Lou Dobbs' recent promotion of conspiracy theories about President Obama's birth certificate, Media Matters for America is re-publishing the following item, which was originally posted June 18.
Even Joe Scarborough isn't falling into the Birther trap.

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Annette said...

They actually issued a proclamation in the Senate to put the issue to rest for McCain, never realizing they needed to do the same for the President, then Sen. Obama.. because he was born in a state..however McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and there was some confusion, so they made a proclamation stating he was in fact a natural citizen and therefore eligible to be president. Passed by the full Senate I believe. How ignorant is that, and we can't get the same for Barack Obama, the duly elected President.