Thursday, September 10, 2009

30 Seconds of Morning Joe in 5 Easy Steps

Step One: Turn on TV and tune in to MSNBC.

Step Two: Wait for Joe Scarborough to say something stupid (it doesn't take long).

Step Three: Hear Scarborough say, in reaction to Rep. Joe "You Lie!" Wilson (R-SC), "It was stupid, but he's apologized for it... strange that he would apologize to Rahm... Maybe he should have apologized to Axelrod or Valerie Jarrett."

Step Four: Yell at the TV machine, "How about apologizing to the PRESIDENT, instead of writing a weaselly note like a fucking third grader, you DOUCHEBAG!" Your household pet might scurry away in the process as mine did.

Step Five: Turn off TV before you burst a blood vessel.

Nothing like a little Morning Joke™ to get your blood flowing in the morning.


Annette said...

You got it...that's why I quit watching and only watch local morning programing now.. it's not a lot better but least I still have questions about them..and they didn't have a dead intern in their office.. and they don't constantly have stupid republicans on they can say I agree, I agree.. lol

Fraulein said...

Even during the President's speech, I was screaming and swearing at the TV. I literally can't watch TV anymore. My blood pressure can't take it. Every time they cut away to a group of those douchebag Republicans, sitting there looking like there was a bad smell in the room or something, I lost it. And then the "You lie!!" moment -- I almost had an aneurysm. Can anyone imagine what would have happened had a Democratic congressperson shouted such a thing during a Bush speech while he was still President? I'll tell you what would have happened. The person would have been tasered by the Capitol Hill police and sent directly to Gitmo.

NowhereMan said...

The only reason worth watching is to see if that ditz will end up meeting the same fate as that intern.
Fraulein,if a democrat had done that to Bush,he would'v been condemned by his fellow house dems,the media would'v been telling you how unpatriotic the left is and the wingnuts would talk about it endlessly as he rotted in Gitmo.