Monday, September 7, 2009

President Obama Addresses AFL-CIO

Via Bob Cesca


Annette said...

It seems like he did pretty well. I haven't been around a TeeVee until just a bit ago and I hope he finally settled everyone's nerves some.. of course there are those who will never be

NowhereMan said...

I'm not satisfied till I hear what he has to say wednesday and it better be difinitive especially about the public option

Broadway Carl said...

I'm hoping that he's as forceful on Wednesday as he is in this clip. Unfortunately, I know it's not going to happen. We don't see politicians speaking like this to other politicians.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday.

One more thing that I failed to mention in my post - we know the MSM is treating news as infotainment and that the corporate interests skew the news the way they want because the government has to request that this joint session be televised instead of requiring it to be aired on OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES (Yeah, I know everything is digital now, but you get my point.) The fact that Fox is refusing to air one of the most important joint sessions of the last 40 years is testament to that.