Monday, September 7, 2009

More Of This, Please

It's time to start calling a spade a spade, or in these cases, a moron a moron.

I do disagree with Tom Brokaw on one point: he said that this is not a partisan issue. I think that is complete bullshit. The is ALL about partisanship and unfortunately, it's about racism. Previous presidents have spoken to students without incident. Of course, those previous presidents weren't black; their citizenship wasn't ridiculously questioned; their religion was never questioned or brought up as an issue, save for Kennedy.

The problem today is that with a 24 hour news cycle, there is too much time to fill with actual news, so we became witness to the ushering in of the era of Infotainment. What used to be a public service has now become a for-profit news industry that has to be controversial and titillating, and if there isn't any "news" that fits that description, the media manufactures it.

All one has to do is to look at last month's town hall meetings full of disinformed, idiotic, tea party freaks blubbering about how they "want their country back." All you have to do it witness the hyperventilating about health care reform to know that as far as the mainstream media is concerned, "if it bleeds, it leads." The uneducated town hallers protecting the insurance company sodomizers in comparison to actual polls showing that a majority of Americans want a public option included in health care reform is a perfect example of the blind leading the moronic, otherwise these people would realize that they are opposing something that would benefit them... not that that's anything new for middle and lower class Republican voters.

So I'd like to see more of this, please. More of so called "journalists" actually being reporters instead of stenographers. I want them to start calling a spade a spade again. I want them to earn their paychecks and dig a little deeper to show their audience the facts, instead of showing the truth and a damnable lie as two equal sides of an argument.

It's not only time to take our country back from the 30% freaks, it's time for journalists to take their journalism back.


Annette said...

I agree, with the last part especially..

it's time for journalists to take their journalism back.

That's what really needs to be done.. I have been off the air all day today and have been watching CNN tonight.. and have been hearing this evening.. It's the President's fault, he is as much to blame as anyone's for Van Jones because no one vetted him, because he has too many Czar's, because he has this or he has that.

My 84 year old uncle has been as angry or even more so than I..about it and said how is all this Obama's fault.. he can't talk to the kids, why isn't he as good as the damn

NowhereMan said...

Instead of the subject being whether Obama should be allowed to speak at the schools,the subject be what makes these parents so pathetically stupid?I,m serious if the media approaches it that way it will begin to put sanity back in the news coverage.They should've taken the same approach with the gun nuts when they showed up at the Obama town hall meeting or the birthers etc.Todays 24hr news media wants to showcase the most outlandish protesters instead of minimizing their importance.Instead they give these nuts legitimacy so they could keep the story going as the world looks at this once revered country and sees instead a three ring circus with the ring master Rupert Murdoch who started the whole thing and is now copied by the rest of the msm