Thursday, September 24, 2009


Paul Kirk was just named interim Senator from Massachusetts to fill the late Senator Kennedy's seat.

[Paul] Kirk, backed for the post by Kennedy's wife Victoria and his two sons, will fill the seat until voters in Massachusetts elect a permanent replacement in January. His appointment will restore a 60-seat Senate majority for the Democrats that could help President Barack Obama's push to overhaul healthcare.
Lawmakers in heavily Democratic Massachusetts passed legislation in the past few days allowing Governor Deval Patrick to name an interim senator, something Kennedy pushed for before he died in August from cancer so his party would not lose a key vote during the healthcare debate.
"The issues before the Congress and the nation are too important for us to be one voice short," [Massachusetts Governor Deval] Patrick told reporters as he appointed Kirk after signing the legislation.

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NowhereMan said...

Great job by Massachusetts of honoring Ted Kennedy's wish.If only the Senate moved as swiftly on the health care bill.