Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pot, Meet Hypocritical Douchebag.

Raw Story:After years of angling to be the GOP's favorite broadcast outlet, one Fox News executive now thinks that it is "useful" to remind staff to avoid bias.
"At news events, we’re supposed to function as dispassionate observers, not active participants," writes Bill Sammon, Fox News Vice President of News and the network's Washington editor. "We are there to chronicle the news, not create it."
The letter, obtained by Mediaite, appears to be in response to a recent incident in which a Fox News producer was caught on video coaching a crowd of "tea party" protesters in D.C., signaling them to cheer when the cameras were rolling.
"We do not cheerlead for one cause or another," Sammon claimed. "We do not rile up a crowd. If a crowd happens to be boisterous when we show it on TV, so be it. If it happens to be quiet, that’s fine, too."

Really? Then what do you call this ad in the Washington Post?

Not only is this ad inaccurate (other news outlets did cover this rally) but it's just further promotion in a newspaper that most Fox viewers probably don't read to push the astroturf tea parties. So when a Fox News vice president reprimands a Fox producer for riling up the crowd, it stinks of hypocrisy. My guess is that according to Fox, it's okay until you get caught.

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