Monday, September 21, 2009

The Rude Pundit Gets It

Last week I wrote briefly on the attacks coming Jimmy Carter's way because he dared mention the possibility that some might be opposed to President Obama because of racism. GASP!

The Rude One is on the same track and puts it better than I ever could.
...The election of a black president, who embraced the word "liberal," both confirms their suspicions and undermines them in a way that they can't deal with. Indeed, right now they can't even allow Obama to accomplish what he wants to do because, if he's right and he succeeds, their entire worldview crumbles. Conservatives in power, who watched George W. Bush get nearly everything he wanted and it turned to shit, have staked their last chance at regaining power on making Obama into that nigger who wants to hurt the white people. Fuck him and his nigger-loving accomplices.
What Carter was reacting to, among other things, was the yell of "You lie" from Representative Joe Wilson at President Obama. That yell was the barbaric scream of impotence from an exiled warrior; implicit with it was that no black man was going to tell him how the world runs, especially when it comes to Hispanics. Jimmy Carter knows what he's seeing. He listened to it for most of his life. He knows stupid fucking rednecks wearing their suit jacket collars high when he sees 'em.
Read his whole post.

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jane said...

When I heard the hoopla about "what Carter said" I assumed I hadn't heard it so I listened. Turns out, I had heard it, and hadn't even blinked. It's like a dog-whistle, maybe? Fuck it, I dunno. If a tree falls in the forest, and a Republican can't complain about it, did it ever really fall?