Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well, Limbaugh Should Know from Fat Asses

Posted by Fraulein

This week we read that known hard-body and fitness expert Rush Limbaugh has apparently been making insulting comments about the size of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's behind.

Yeah, I know, I've got nothing. Please add your own Limbaugh fat ass joke in the comments.


James said...

To by humerous, jokes have to have a grain of truth within them. In this case since Limbaugh is no longer fat, there is no truth! Sorry! See:

Broadway Carl said...

To "by" factual, Limbaugh is still a big tub of goo. If you've lost 90 pounds and are still "looking to drop more," then you're still a fat ass.

And by the way, it's "humorous" not humerous.

Anonymous said...

I guess James missed Limpballs appearance at the wingnut convention when while dressed in black, was bouncing up and down on stage.He pretty much looked like Haystacks Calhoun from the old WWWF.By the way James,its obvious you haven't seen a recent picture of him or maybe you have and think maybe Michael moore is thin too?

Fraulein said...

Plus, no matter now thin he got, Limbaugh would always be an ass.