Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Common Sense

Attorney General Eric Holder sat before a Senate hearing today to explain the US justice system to some cowardly Republican Senators in a constant state of pants soiling these last few days at the thought of trying a self-confessed, alleged terrorist in Federal court as opposed to the military tribunals at Gitmo.

Finally a reasoned, concise explanation.

Prosecuting the 9/11 defendants in federal court does not represent some larger judgment about whether or not we are at war. We are at war, and we will use every instrument of national power – civilian, military, law enforcement, intelligence, diplomatic, and others – to win. We need not cower in the face of this enemy. Our institutions are strong, our infrastructure is sturdy, our resolve is firm, and our people are ready.
We will also use every instrument of our national power to bring to justice those responsible for terrorist attacks against our people. For eight years, justice has been delayed for the victims of the 9/11 attacks. It has been delayed even further for the victims of the attack on the USS Cole. No longer. No more delays. It is time, it is past time, to act. By bringing prosecutions in both our courts and military commissions, by seeking the death penalty, by holding these terrorists responsible for their actions, we are finally taking ultimate steps toward justice. That is why I made this decision.
This is nothing but common sense. There is no political agenda, save for a higher and more successful conviction rate for terrorists than the previous administration's abysmal record. If we really do toss aside our federal court system because we are "cowering" in fear of arrested terrorists on our soil to face justice, then haven't they already won?

PS - The 2pm hour on MSNBC was hosted by Andrea Mitchell via remote from Grand Rapids, Michigan because apparently the "real news" was covering Sarah Palin on the first leg of her book tour. Pathetic.

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NowhereMan said...

What a bunch of fucking pussies!During WW11 the Germans bombed London daily.What did Churchill do?Did he order everybody to stay home for fear of getting killed?No!Did he order schools closed?No!He told Londoners to go about your business.
Meanwhile these assholes are quaking in their boots like the cowardly lion in "The Wizard Of Oz".They are afraid of the very constitution they are all sworn to protect.It took awhile but this country finally woke up to the Bush Chicken Little act.These mofos are so predictable they become caricatures of themselves.The party of no ideas