Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Health Care Bogeymen

I have a question: if this health care reform bill is really so horrible that practically every GOP member is against it, then why not debate what you're against and make it better, instead of making shit up to freak out your lunatic base?

Why doesn't House Minority Leader John Boehner judge the bill on the merits of what's actually in the bill instead of using the old, reliable abortion wedge issue and feel the need to make shit up about a "monthly abortion premium" being charged of all enrollees in the government-run health plan?

Unless he's seriously that stupid and doesn't understand what he's reading, if he's actually reading anything in the bill other than page numbers so he can complain about how long it is, how is it that scumbags like Boehner and his ilk feel it is completely legitimate to mislead the people that voted them into office with lies and smears?


Wolfe Tone said...

According to Glenn Beck (via Matt Osborne), it's worse than we think!!!!!!

Do NOT drop the soap!

Broadway Carl said...

Yeah, I saw that and blogged about it on Monday, Wolfe. What a first class douche.

NowhereMan said...

Its a lot easier for them to demonize it and make shit up about it than it is to actually debate it on its merits.Remember their constituency are tea bagging Palin,Beck &Limbaugh followers who dont bother to do research and believe everything they say.They are the reason Bush was elected twice.