Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin Supporters

The very end nails it. "You get a sense of some of Sarah Palin's supporters here. They feel a connection with Sarah Palin. They can't be specific in some cases about the issues..." but that's okay. Neither can Sarah Palin.

Norah: But she was for the bailout.
Rube #2: No, she wasn't.
Norah: Yes, she was.
Rube #2: Well I don't believe it.
Norah: But I have quotes.
Rube #1: Oh! But that was different. It was some guy who changed the rules after it passed. I don't know his name. Also, the Constitution.

Infuriatingly stupid.

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Virtual Kevin said...

I love how the young woman responds..."well if you asked her today, i don't think she was..."

I think this epitomizes the book and the juvenile attempt to re-write history.... uhm Sarah...the Republicans have been doing this a lot longer than you. DO you really want to go toe to toe with them? Good luck! Palin in 2012, best (R) candidate a democrat could ask for!