Sunday, July 18, 2010

Comparisons and Calls for Anger -- FAIL


We could have the world's best political historians debate and we could never properly compare any two presidents. And I don't want to. Obama is Obama. 2010 is 2010. Can we learn from history? Yes. But we can never duplicate it or any person from it. Apples and oranges.

I think Obama is the same leader he was at the DNC in 2004. I believed in his red states/blue states speech and I believed in his Inauguration speech when he said he would be everyone's president. We may throw around insults like "enemy" about the Republicans and we may mock them and despise them. But I am really grateful I voted for a president who remembers that he is their president, too. He remembers that all Americans have a stake -- his ethics and behavior reflect that understanding.
I want him to get tough at times, sure, but he never was that man and isn't that man and yet he has still accomplished a great deal, as has this Congress. Him getting angry isn't THE solution, nor is it A solution. Cooler heads prevail and I want a president who has the coolest head in the country.

He is working his ass off against every conceivable and inconceivable hurdle and hasn't let up. Some may think he is a slacker because we don't see him 24/7. But I also don't want an actor on TV trying to say the thing that will make 300 million dramatic Americans feel better. I want him to focus on his job and not placating those who will just find one more thing they want him to make them feel better about. He's the president, not a bully, nor our therapist, nor our friend. His job is to get policies that help, not to say the right thing.

I feel for anyone out of a job and especially when they are being made out to be the problem by people in government who should be following the president's lead. They should remember that they represent all Americans. He isn't going to make them see that if he acts the way they do.


jhw22 said...

I'd like to thank my editor, Broadway Carl, for making me look like a thorough writer. ;)


veralynn said...


JUDI M. said...

Very well put. I expect the RWNJs to go full-bore on anything the President says or does. but I'm really put out by all the hateful Democratic rhetoric; things aren't going the way "they planned" or he's" too slow" or "not tough enough." Do they want the COWBOY back?

vic said...

I like the way you said this, Jennifer. I too support this president AND the fact that he recognizes his role as 'leader' of the entire country. His speech on election night really brought home to me the 'truth' behind this idea, and if more presidents/prime ministers would govern this way, maybe we wouldn't have so much division. In fact, maybe then elections would really be about different policies, and the electorate would have a chance to see which policies do actually work.

jhw22 said...

Judi and vic, exactly to both your points. vic, I think we need the leadership to set that example so that we can follow it. I think Obama is doing that and Americans don't know how to handle this new way of thinking. I have to remind myself to act like Obama more times than not.

And Veralynn, :)