Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Shirley Sherrod

This is arguably Olbermann's best special comment ever.

"Fired up? Fired up?! Anyone? Anyone?"


jhw22 said...

He went a little harder on Obama than I am usually comfortable with BUT I had to agree with most of it. It was hard to watch because he was so right.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was one his better comments, but I take issue with some of what he said.

He seemed to take the same line as other pundits in believing the prez was more deeply involved than either Gibbs or Vilsak said. Also, while I thought his apology to Ms. Sherrod was very well said and beautiful, he implied that he was doing what the pres hadn't done and should do. Of course, we find out today Obama had been trying to reach her since Wed--maybe even while Keith was speaking.

Maybe I seem to be overly critical, but I felt like Keith was making assumptions about Obama's role in Sherrod's firing. Maybe Obama was more involved than has be admitted, but Keith doesn't know that. He is quick to criticize other news outlets for adding more to a story than is there. Until I know differently, I'll believe Gibbs & Vilsack.

Another gripe I had with the comment was Keith's summarily dismissing Vilsack's apology as if it meant nothing. Unlike Keith, I thought Vilsack's apology came from a heart truly changed by this awful tragedy. John Donne wrote that we should treasure our tribulation because they transform us. I saw that transformation in Vilsack. Keith vilifies those half-ass apologies that begin "I'm sorry if my words offended some people. . ." and I wholeheartedly agree with Keith on this issue. However, he should have acknowledged the sincerity of Vilsack's apology and the personal pain he feels for what he did to Ms. Sherrod.

Overall, the night belonged to Rachel. She brilliantly and clearly laid out the timeline of Fox News's lies, manipulations, and the pure evil the org. is heaping on this country. Her explanation of the Southern Strategy was clearly articulated with help from the incredulous Eugene Robinson. I wish I could force all the wingnuts in my small town to listen to her--then they might actually get their role in perpetuating messages of hate.

I am a huge fan of both KO & RM; in fact, my husband and rarely miss the shows. Last I did think Rachel bested Keith.

Desert Crone

Broadway Carl said...

Desert Crone -

You make some very valid points and I mostly agree with you. Were this an isolated incident I think KO's reaction might have been over the top, but because it's a pattern we're seeing all too clearly and much too often, (first Van Jones, then ACORN, now Sherrod) I think it was apropos of Olbermann to go hard.

This was a failure on all counts of supposedly objective parties. I'm not talking about Breitbart or Fox News, we all know what they do. But I'm talking about all the mainstream outlets that ran with this fake story like OJ in the White Bronco, including MSNBC. Luckily CNN actually vetted the story as they were reporting it and quickly found holes in it.

But for the USDA and the White House to react the way they did, in a matter of hours, not giving Sherrod the benefit of the doubt for even a day without looking into the merits of the story is incredibly disappointing. For as much as they don't want to make Obama's administration about race, they go to the other far extreme and about race it inevitably becomes. If they'd said they'd look into the matter, they wouldn't have come out looking so foolish and panicky at the slightest thought of a race issue story.

Whether Obama knew about the firing or not and supported it or not ultimately does not matter. His is the name in front of "Administration" and when the "White House" speaks, it's speaking for the president, so he has to share in the responsibility.

Like I said, if this was the first time something like this has happened, I would agree with you. But I'm not liking the pattern of this administration shooting first and asking questions later in response to crazy right wingers and frivolous accusations. It reminds me of the all too recent past.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, I've been taken to the wood shed. (-:

I'm glad KO was tough on WH. This has to have been a rough lesson for Obama Admin. After Obama took on Fox News, the backlash was long and vicious. I've heard a couple of journalists, including Chuck Todd, remind viewers a year ago Obama created a firestorm that led to the "Beer Summit." It must feel like damned if you do etc over at the WH. I just thought a little credit should be given to Vilsack & WH for trying to make things right.

I guess I was pretty picky.

Desert Crone

Broadway Carl said...

No, no, no, DC. No woodshed. You expressed your valid opinion as I've expressed mine. Now, let's try and stop this new meme of blaming Obama for EVERYTHING - including this matter. Seems no one is pointing fingers at a scum hack like Breitbart in this matter. In fact, i saw a quick MSNBC story on him today, almost making him the victim. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I was just kidding about woodshed, hence smiley face.

Media still behaving badly! Breitbart has no side, no defense. Yet, CNN had him on even after exposing him. Geesh.

I'm also distressed by some of the vitriol directed toward Obama by some on the left. I thought Barney Frank did a good job addressing that on Countdown.

My husband & I are off to party which will also be attended by some wingnuts. I just hope I can be civil. DC

NowhereMan said...

I agree with BC that it was apropos for Keith to go after Obama and Vilsak.After Van Jones and Acorn were innocently thrown under the bus,he should've learned his lesson and come up with a strategy to counter or defend the next time Fox and the Breitbarts of the world make false accusations about anybody hes assciated with.He shoulda learned his lesson.
As for Vilsak and lets not forget Ben Jealous of the NAACP-if either one had just googled Shirley Sherrod's name and had seen her long civil rights credentials,they would,ve realized there was no reason to jump to conclusions.I don't question the sincerity of his apology,I question his laziness and lack of curiosity.He would've been the first one on the titanic's lifeboat.But after being rescued i'm sure he would've apologized for taking the seat of a dead woman or child

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