Monday, July 19, 2010

I Refudiate that Wee Wee'd Up Remark


Let's compare made up phrases, shall we?

When President Obama used the phrase "wee wee'd up" the intertubes went crazy analyzing what that expression meant although I knew exactly what he meant. To me it was perfectly clear that he was mocking the "Much Ado About Nothing" drama that arises when parties feign offense or cry out end of the world fears as frivolous opposition. It's like the baby-toe-as-little-piggy running wee wee wee all the way home.

Notice when Obama used the line, he was in the midst of making an audience laugh. Notice the smile on his face. Notice the tone of mocking. He was making fun of the ridiculous by using a word that was ridiculous. That's actually pretty clever.

Now, when Sarah Palin used the word "refudiate" the intertubes went crazy calling her out for using a word that doesn't exist. To me, and everyone else, it was clear that Sarah Palin just didn't know what the hell she was doing and made up a word out of pure stupidity. Of course she tried to cover it up by reminding Americans of the "wee wee'd up" comment and comparing herself to Shakespeare.

Notice when Sarah Palin used her fake word she was actually insulting an entire religion by asking good Muslim-Americans to turn their back on a place to practice their faith because of terrorists who attacked that faith as well as the Twin Towers. She actually suggested that a place of community and faith is harmful to Americans AS she harmed the English language.

So I am all for making up words. I am all for confusing words and spelling words incorrectly. But what I am not for is doing so while you "stab hearts" of good Americans who have the right to practice their religious beliefs in America.

Sarah, the pain you cause is "too raw, too real" and I reject you "in the interest of healing". Although, I will hang on to "refudiate" as a constant reminder of your hatred, bigotry and ignorance, also, too.


Anonymous said...

From Shakespalin's collection of sonnets:

Oh, how do I refute thee?
Let me count the ways.
1 refute, 2 refutes, 4 refutes, 5 refutes, 8 refutes. . . .

Wait, wait! That doesn't look wright. Did I make a wee wee? Can I use my lifeline now? Anybody? Anybody?

To quoteth Sir Olbermann: "THAT WOMAN IS AN IDIOT."

With apologies to WS--Desert Crone

jhw22 said...

Oh noes, the palinspeak has spread.


Anonymous said...

We'll be on this till the next misteak (would that be rare or mediocre). Oh someone stop me now!

jhw22 said...


1) Mistake made by Sarah Palin.
2) Steak from a female moose.
3) The mystique of a half a term/ double the standards woman who garners too much prestige by being stooopid.


Anonymous said...

You win.

Dessert Crone

jane said...

Nicely put, Jen!

Broadway Carl said...

Well Jen, I think you give Sarah too much credit. When she tried to excuse her butchering the English language by referring to "wee-wee'd up" in what I will call her "Infamous Shakespeare Tweet," I don't believe she was referring to Obama's use of the phrase. I think she was referring to her own use of the phrase, which she has done on multiple occasions.

In fact, until you reminded me of Obama using it, I had forgotten that he had. But I do remember Palin using it enough for my brain to go straight to Palinspeak since she's used it so often.

Broadway Carl said...

Ultimately, it would have been best for Sarah to admit she meant "repudiate" and move on. This whole thing wouldn't have been a blip on the radar screen.

But no, she can't do that because Sarah Palin can do no wrong. So she tries to say she made up a word, you know, also Shakespeare too.


jhw22 said...

I think she was referring to Obama because she also made reference to a Bushism; and "wee wee'd" made a huge ripple across the media. I remember first hearing him use that word and I cracked up and was amused that it was such a big deal. I later heard people making fun of her for using it, you're right, and I had to raise my hand and say I heard Obama use it first.

She may be a dumb-ass but she definitely likes to point fingers at others, which is why I think she meant him.

But this make me realize I didn't put a link to the Shakespeare Twitter. Doh. Off to fix that...


NowhereMan said...

To tweet or not to tweet?That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Check out Olbermann's tweet

Desert Crone

Anonymous said...

She calls on peaceful Muslims . . . as if mosques are only places of worship for violent Muslims.

So how far away from Ground Zero is far enough? 3 blocks, 4, 100??? How about zero?

How many Muslims died on Sept. 11 at the hands of fanatics? That doesn't matter much to her, I'm sure.

But while we ridicule her, her followers blindly follow her hateful, dangerous lead.

President Palin is a scary, scary thought.

Desert Crone

Anonymous said...

Just read Bob's post pointing out the SP plea to peaceful Muslims. Since he rethinkiated it first, I will defer to him.

Desert Crone

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