Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, By The Way, While We Freaked About Sherrod...

...this happened.

That's President Obama signing the Wall Street Reform bill into law.

If you’ve ever applied for a credit card, a student loan, or a mortgage, you know the feeling of signing your name to pages of barely understandable fine print. What often happens as a result is that many Americans are caught by hidden fees and penalties, or saddled with loans they can’t afford...
...with this law, unfair rate hikes... will end for good. And we’ll ensure that people... aren’t unwittingly caught by overdraft fees when they sign up for a checking account.
With this law, we’ll crack down on abusive practices in the mortgage industry. We’ll make sure that contracts are simpler -– putting an end to many hidden penalties and fees in complex mortgages -– so folks know what they’re signing.
With this law, students who take out college loans will be provided clear and concise information about their obligations.
And with this law, ordinary investors -– like seniors and folks saving for retirement –- will be able to receive more information about the costs and risks of mutual funds and other investment products, so that they can make better financial decisions as to what will work for them.
So, all told, these reforms represent the strongest consumer financial protections in history... And these protections will be enforced by a new consumer watchdog with just one job: looking out for people -– not big banks, not lenders, not investment houses -– looking out for people as they interact with the financial system.

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