Thursday, August 26, 2010

Christie Blows It For State Education Grant

Well, I literally just moved to the state of New Jersey not three months ago, and already I got a Republican fucking me in the ass.

Chris "The Cannoli" Christie, new Republican governor of New Jersey couldn't stand the thought of actually cooperating with the teachers' union, so he undercut his Commissioner of Education, Brett Schundler, after he'd hammered out an agreement with the union just days before a grant application for federal education funds was due. They had a weekend to redo a 1000+ page application. And they wound up sending out the application with what amounted to a small clerical error in a crucial area.

The result? Jabba the Governor lost a $400 MILLION education grant for New Jersey. And the real kicker? After admitting his mistake, he decided to take shots at the Obama Administration for not catching it.

In a lengthy news conference on Wednesday, Governor Christie, a Republican, said he took ultimate responsibility for the error, which “believe me,” he said, “I am not thrilled about.” But he said no one would be fired over the matter, then he assumed his signature anti-Washington tone. The Obama administration, he said, should have called, or checked the state’s Web site, when it discovered the error, which was on just one page of a 1,000-page application.
“That’s the stuff that drives people nuts about government, and that’s what the Obama administration should answer for,” he said. “When the president comes back to New Jersey, he is going to have to explain to the people of the state of New Jersey why he is depriving them of $400 million that this application earned them, because one of his bureaucrats in Washington couldn’t pick up the phone and ask a question.”
I'll tell you what President Obama will say you dumb shit: he'll say, "Well, if Christie wasn't such a fuckwad and paid attention to detail instead of where his next dessert was coming from, he wouldn't have shorted the state of New Jersey $400 million in education grants. Did you ask for do overs when you failed a test in school too? Or was a jelly donut stain a good enough answer on your multiple choice tests?"

Gee, I hope one of those bureaucrats at the IRS gives me a call and ask a question to correct my tax file the next time I make a mistake.

Adding insult to injury, had Chrissy the Cannoli just left things the way they were with the first application, the point rating system used to calculate the application would have awarded him an extra 15 points or so regardless of the "clerical error," far exceeding Ohio's final score, the last state to beat out New Jersey for the grant.

Heckuva job, Christie.

Rachel explains it all so very well.

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jhw22 said...

Hey, MY governor didn't even want the state to apply. Brother. Talk about setting a poor example for children: don't even take initiative.