Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ricky Thomas, 43, a SWAT team police officer from Chesapeake Beach, Md., brought his 10-year old son Chase to the Beck rally. "I wanted my son to see democracy in action," Thomas said.
He said he wants government to stay out of people's lives. He acknowledged that he works for government, but said it's "a part of government that helps people when they are in trouble."
I wonder if Ricky Thomas' was one of the jobs saved by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act? If so,  I can only imagine what he'd be saying had the government stayed out of his life?


JUDI M. said...

Clueless: the first and only pre requisite to being a Tea Bagger. Oh, and carrying a bible and condensed-version of the constitution in your pocket/purse.

Virtual Kevin said...

oh and being middle class and white!

NowhereMan said...

He acknowledges that he works for the government but said"a part of the government that helps people when they are in trouble"so is he against unemployment insurance?Medicare?Social security?Food stamps?Education?Fire department?mass transit?The armed forces?etc.