Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Childish

Via Oliver Willis:

Kudos to the man recording the video for not backing down. What, did Sarah and the First Dude think they were going to intimidate him by taking pictures with their BlackBerries? If this idiot has higher aspirations in 2012, I have no idea how she's going to handle the media, let alone your average man on the street with a camera every day for an 18 month campaign. But I still think she won't bother, because it's too much work and she's too lazy.


NowhereMan said...

Further proof she won't be running in 2012.If you notice she only talks to Fix and avoids all other media because she has no control over them.Can somebody remind her that shes a public figure and if somebody wants to follow her around in a public airport with a camera they have every right to do so?The guy should've asked her "can you name 5 members of the SCOTUS?"That would've sent her running like a bat out of hell.

jhw22 said...

I think she will run. That in no way means she intends to win. But she will run and she will run on her terms. She'll rally her supporters and sell more books, be booked for more speeches and get her own show on Fox (once a week because daily would be too much work). She will not intend to win the nomination because she never sees anything through. But she LOVES to be the center of attention when she controls the attention source.

She won't care about NH or Iowa. She won't feel the need to give interviews to the lamestream media and she will utilize social sites and think she's trumping the genius of Plouffe.

If I am wrong, Nowhere Man, I will write a post about how smart you are. If I am right, you will need to comment on my brilliance every day for as many days as she campaigned for the GOP nomination. How does that sound? :)