Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fox: The Parent Company Trap

Another awesome Jon Stewart segment.

So, do Fox News employees know that Murdoch's Newscorp partner is funding Park51 or are they really that fucking stupid? My guess is depending on the show, it's the former with a little bit of the latter. The little bit being the hosts of Fox and Friends.


jhw22 said...

That was brilliant!!! I loved it, I cheered, I wished I would see it everywhere today.


NowhereMan said...

amazing how they they attack the Iman but only mention the kingdom foundation but, for some reason none of those Fox and Fools geniuses bothers to ask or say the name of "that guy who tried to give 10 million to Giulliani for 911.I'm sure that from now on when the mosque story keeps coming up they'll just keep reffering to him as "that guy".
It's hard to tell with them when they act stupid because it comes so natural to them.