Thursday, September 9, 2010

Am I Going Nuts?

I've just watched three news stories in a row on MSNBC about how our taxes would go up if President Obama lets the Bush tax cuts expire. Have I gone absolutely insane, or has the President not said that he would let the Bush tax cuts sunset on the top 2% of earners and extend them for everyone making $250,000 or less?

They even used a clip of Obama saying, (paraphrasing) "If we extend the tax cuts to Warren Buffet, he's not going to change his spending habits. If we extend them to a family making $40,000 a year, that could mean a new computer for their kid, or making their mortgage payment."

It seems they completely ignored that quote and all the stories were based on the assumption that the tax cuts would expire for everyone, which as I understand it, has never been on the table. MSNBC is really in the tank for Obama, huh?

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NowhereMan said...

They all do it they are either to lazy to point out that those making under 250,000 would be exempt.They all say the Bush tax cuts will expire without clarifying whose exempt.My question is, is it laziness or just trying to manipulate the low informed voter?