Saturday, September 11, 2010


NY Post Amps Up Anti-Park51 Rhetoric With "Human Remains" Map

The Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post ratcheted up the fearmongering and Muslim hate with this story, conveniently covered by the Rupert Murdoch owned Fox show, Fox and Fiends that same morning.

But hell, if we're going to show the proximity of the Not-A-Mosque-Not-At-Ground-Zero Park51 project to the still empty these nine years later World Trade Center site, well two can play at that game.

Here's my version:

Not only was Gournd Zero and it's surroundings littered with human remains, but it is still surrounded by multiple adult entertainment spots. Sacred strip joints, anyone? And the kicker is what they plan on the actual center of the WTC site because God knows we can't go without shopping. (See "E")

That's right. The very hallowed Ground Zero everyone is defending against a Not-Mosque-At-Not-Ground-Zero is the new site for a proposed mall under whatever the Freedom Tower turns out to be. So while you reflect on the horrible loss of life on September 11th, you can also swing by Zabars for some hallowed bread and grab a latte at sacrosanct Starbucks.

And none this begins to broach the subject of the possibility that human remains were used to fill potholes.  In the haste of cleaning up the debris after the attacks, "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani didn't want to seem like the weak, pathetic man he is, and demanded that the clean up happen as quickly as possible.  Obviously, that meant that the careful search for remains wasn't so careful and some of the debris that was carted away to the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island eventually became filler for potholes.

Hallowed ground indeed.


Anonymous said...

America is becoming the new Armenia. 90 years from now, people who aren't even alive yet with be holding people who aren't even alive yet responsible for what happened 9 years ago.

NowhereMan said...

The NYPost never fails to amaze how how low they will go to stoke the flames of racism and religious intolerance to manipulate those who are uninformed and simple minded which unfortunately,dominate the population of this country.

Virtual Kevin said...

uhm....there was a prayer room inside the WTC. Muslims died inside the WTC too! They feel the loss in NYC just as much as those who look inside from the rest of the country...oh wait....they actually care more!!

Also there is a Prayer room in the Pentagon too. And they use it for Muslim services...shocker!

Why is it that if you are Muslim you are a possible terrorist but if you are a fanatical christian you are a candidate?