Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mainstream Media Suckered Again - UPDATED

You'd think that after Al Capone's vault, yellowcake in Niger, Piltdown Man, weapons of mass destruction and the Balloon Boy - the mainstream media,  who believed a crackpot that said God told him to burn the Qurans on 9/11 and then canceled it on an agreement that Park51 would be moved to a different location, would know better. But they don't. This time they got took by Gabby Hayes.

UPDATE (8pm): Apparently, Pastor Gabby Hayes has now clarified that the Quran burning is "suspended" while he prays to figure out what to do next. And the media is riveted. ...Wow.

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NowhereMan said...

I believe I heard in todays press conference if I remember correctly,one of the ace WH reporters ask ed Obama if he was giving Jones to much credibility by asking him not to burn Quran.Obama should've answered hey!Don't blame me!You are the idiots who created him by giving him all this undeserved publicity and like a battered wife,you kept going back for more!And you wonder why I haven't had a press conference since April?