Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here We Go Again

Posted by JHW22

So, um, yes the Republicans won a lot of races. Yes, they did. So now THE talking point is that the American people rejected Obama's policies. But, um, Dems won a lot of races, too. So the idea that "the voters" spoke only one thing yesterday is just another example of how our media sets the dialogue and rewrites history with each tap on the keyboard. "The voters" said a lot of things. They said hell no to some seriously bad candidates and hell yes to a lot of good candidates. It was a mixed bag. The message should be that.


Broadway Carl said...

I especially love the idiot reporter and the Presidential conference to day ask, "One out of two voters are against the health care bill. Do you think it was bad idea?" To which I, and Obama, simultaneously said, "That means one out of two voters are FOR the health care bill." Then I added, "Moron." The President did not.

jhw22 said...

LOL! That presser was ridiculous. The questions were one example after another that prove Obama doesn't have a messaging problem, the media has a thinking problem.