Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sick of Memes? How about the "Obama doesn't tout his accomplishements blah blah blah" meme?


By request, here is a comment I left on Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog. It was in response to the "Obama doesn't talk about his accomplishments" and the "they need to repeat it over and over" memes. Why pretend to rewrite it as a post when it's perfect as I wrote it? ;) I am thinking David Corn needs to read it.

(Okay, fine, I corrected a few errors)

A) The administration and Congress HAVE talked about their accomplishments -- every day! How do people think their message is supposed to get out, however, when the media cuts away from a town hall rally? When they don't air the WH daily press briefing? When they book more analysts than actual representatives for their on-air BS sessions?
www.whitehouse.gov posts information every day that shows the work they are doing: but how many Americans go there? Are we so lazy that we only want information to come to us? And then we criticize the administration when the media doesn't do that job well? Obama doesn't run the networks so this argument that they haven't touted their accomplishments enough should be aimed at the media who doesn't bother to reflect that they ARE touting their accomplishments.
B) The administration is forced, by the American media and people, to buffer all good news. They can't talk about job creation being up, the GDP being up, the deficit going down, etc. without having to say "but it's not good enough". If they don't preface and disclaim with that statement, they are "out of touch". But each time they buffer good news, people hear the "but" and not the good.
C) Rachel Maddow has done a rundown of the accomplishments at least twice before last night. I recall her doing it once a month or every six weeks or so. And that proves my point. Rachel is supportive of the accomplishments and she does a kick-ass job of presenting them. But even she doesn't "repeat" it often enough. That is not anything the administration can control, is it? Why don't WE tell the people we watch to do a better job?
We are so willing to bitch and moan about the administration but we forget that the media consistently drops the ball. And what do we do about that? Nada. We boycott them when they hire asshats. But we don't remind them that the administration's message needs to be discussed at least once a day.

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