Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Party of Fuck No!


Jimmy Williams, a lobbyist and a hilarious analyst who has worked for Durbin and Biden was a killer guest on Dylan Ratigan's show today. He was smart and funny and gave me my favorite perspective on a POTENTIAL loss tonight. He said (and I am paraphrasing here):

You can't land a punch if you don't have something to swing at so if the House goes Republican we will finally have a target.

IF the House falls into Republican hands and John "Orange Ya Glad I Didn't Say Banana" Boehner becomes Speaker, then WE have a target (and of course I mean a rhetorical target and not a some sort of gun sight target). For the last two years we have been on offense and defense. We have had to create policy while fending off the nuisances yapping at our feet. But if the House is run by Republican'ts they will actually have to DO SOMETHING. They will have to craft legislation and bring it the floor. And when they do, we will become the party of "FUCK NO!" The difference between their no and our no will be that ours stays consistent with the policies we have supported for the last 2, 4, 6 years. They said no to their own ideas. We will say no to their ideas without having to compromise our principles.

Now, I would much rather the House and Senate stay in Democratic hands and I have hope, but if we lose something tonight, let's make sure we force it to work in our favor.


vic said...

Thanks. I needed another perspective for a potential loss. [I'm still hopeful, and will be until the last counts are in.]

Anonymous said...

This kind of defeat isn't unusual at midterm. The voters were older & white & cranky.
2012 election will be much different.

Desert Crone