Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You're in Timeout!


This election is essentially a tantrum for some. People didn't respect the will of the people in 2008 (and that includes Dems who forgot Obama's agenda or freaked that he didn't meet it soon enough) and have wanted to complain for two years without actually doing any work. And tonight that bad behavior was rewarded.

At the same time, this wasn't the tsunami people predicted. We held some great members of Congress and got some gubernatorial wins. So the referendum argument doesn't really hold water.

But if some want to take the Republican wins with pride, that's fine, but remember that your wins come out of hate and rejection. When we voted in 2008, our wins came out of hope and progress.

We still have the White House and we still have the Senate. And we have enough in the House to stay in the game -- because keep in mind, MANY of the policies passed this year were the same policies that Republicans supported before they decided to say no to everything. So when they write bills that Dems agree with, we'll support them. We won't say no to policies we agreed with yesterday simply because we have fewer members today. But we will say no when policies would be bad for America -- and we will have the facts to support our stance.

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