Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The American President and a Birther of a Nation


Today the President of the United States released a superfluous document to confirm for a radical populous that he was, in fact, born in the USA. Some ask why he didn't do this sooner, and at times I wished he would just to shut people up. But he didn't need to. The document he released during the campaign is legitimate, authentic, legal and sufficient. It should have stopped there. And because it didn't says more about the people who demanded it than the President who didn't jump through Hawaii state hurdles to access it.

The birther crap has been a nuisance and ridiculous and, as the President clarified, a side-show of "carnival barkers." And the real problem is that those are the people who now represent a SIGNIFICANT portion of the Republican party whether your Republican friends and neighbors want to admit it.

I have said, since Sarah Palin entered the national stage, that the Republicans in America better watch out because their party was being changed by their fringe. And that has more than come true. Does the left have fringe? Yes, and often a fringe I denounce and slam. But never have our fringe polled above or equal to serious candidates. Do I like Romney or Huckleberry? No. But they are at least legitimate contenders for the GOP. They have serious resumes and have contributed valuable discussions to public service agendas.

But Donald Trump? And Sarah Palin? And Michele Bachmann?

NEVER did Dennis Kucinich come CLOSE to Democratic serious contenders in any polling.

Republicans may not agree with Obama, but at least he can be taken seriously.

So, for the Republicans who are shamed by the path their party has taken, I say, "So now what?" What are YOU going to do to show that your party is serious? Are you going to continue to be passive shoulder-shruggers or are you going to take some personal responsibility and put an end to the waste and distractions coming from people taking your party from you?

Because, in the end, you and your friends are the ones being encroached upon. Your principles and values are being manipulated by snake-oil salesmen and those snakes are winning YOUR future.

Have your disagreements with me and my party and the President. That's good. But for crying out loud, clean house!


vera lynn said...

I would add our corporate media to that. Other than, that....yep. They need to clean up their mess while the president tries to clean up the mess of this country they left.

And it's the same with the religious right. Well, they are one and the same already....I have been telling my mother, a Christian, that she needs to talk to her church family about what is being said in their name....because it starts, for the most part IMO, there. You want to profess to be a proud Christian or a proud Republican, stand up.

One of the hardest things to do in this life is to stand up for what's right and true, no matter your religion or party.

jhw22 said...

I agree that the media needs to shape up. But they get called out all the time -- from Sarah Palin to Barack Obama.

The average Joe Republican keeps skirting responsibility by keeping silent. I have many friends who are good people and reasonable Republicans -- much like Michael Smerconish (sp?) or Mark McKinnon. They don't go all birther, but they also don't call it BS.

Each time we ask the media to do their job, and elected officials to do theirs, but give our friends a pass, it goes on and on.


vera lynn said...

true dat