Saturday, April 30, 2011

Must Reads

William K. Wolfrum: Want A U.S. Passport? Not So Fast, Tell Us About Your Mom and Work History

Oliver Willis: Rush Limbaugh Is Racist, Here Are 46 Examples

Chez Pazienza: Quote of the Day

Jason Linkins: Donald Trump Should Receive The Same Scrutiny He Sought For Barack Obama

Jason Linkins: CNN's Ed Henry Asks Jay Carney Birther Questions 1 Day After CNN Broadcasts 'Definitive Investigation'

NY Times Editorial: A Certificate of Embarrassment

Andrew Postman: Looks Like Trump's Right: How the Hell Did This President Get Into Those Ivy League Schools?

Susie Madrak: Oh, Orrin? Why Won't You Listen To Millionaires Who Want To Pay Higher Taxes?

Doug Mataconis: Of Course The Birthers Aren’t Satisfied

Paul Klenk: With Clever Use of Stickers, Jerome Corsi Revises Title and Cover of "Where's The Birth Certificate?"

Eric Shoenberg: How I Paid Only 1% of My Income in Federal Income Tax

Dan Rather: ...And In Other News

Steve Benen: So Much For Mr. Serious

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