Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rick Perry's Rain Prayer Doesn't Help

I suppose Perry forgot to pray to "hold the lightning."

Despite a public call by Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) to pray for rain over the weekend, major wildfires continue to rage on across the state.
Already an estimated 1.5 million acres of Texas has burned this year, according to the Texas Forest Service. Thunderstorms rolled through the state over the weekend, but lightning strikes accompanied the rain, setting the stage for a challenging wildfire week ahead that will draw upon limited resources.
How soon before Gov. Secession McTeabagger asks for federal help? God certainly does has a sense of humor, no?

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Anonymous said...

Houston's Art group Continuum respond to The response, no need to discriminate against other religions, simply use the power of your own mind to bring upon rain, it kind of worked in Houston, four days after this perfomance, it started raining