Friday, April 22, 2011

Andrew Breitbart: SUPERJOURNALIST!

Here's Martin Bashir attempting to interview Andrew "It's All A Big Left Wing Conspiracy!" Breitbart. It's an interesting back and forth that should be watched. My question is this: If Andrew Breitbart is so sure of his journalistic integrity, why is he so defensive?

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Breitbart admits he didn't watch the full 43 minute Shirley Sherrod speech when he posted the 2 minute version on his website, claiming she racially discriminated against a white farmer. But here he tries to cover his tracks, going on to push the notion that in his "1400 word" article, he makes clear the point that her humanity was greater than her initial racism. But how would he know that if he hadn't seen the full video? And if he doesn't think she's racist, why did he call her racist?

Even if you take Breitbart at his questionable word, how many times is he going to get burned? ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Planned Parenthood... There's a clear pattern here and Breitbart, in his enthusiasm to push his conservative meme, continues to compromise his journalistic integrity (as if that was a real concern) by putting out these stories that are debunked within days, if not hours of their posting. If you consider him completely innocent in these situations he finds himself in over and over again, his worst attribute is that he shoots first and asks questions later. That is a horrible habit for a "journalist," don't you think?

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