Monday, April 18, 2011

Trump's Foreign Policy: Take The Oil

This is truly amazing. With all the Donald Trump birther nonsense, I've not heard anyone in the mainstream media make bones about this area of the Trump Doctrine: "Take the oil."

That's it. Libya? Take the oil. Iraq? Take the oil. So simple, even a six-year old can figure it out. Invade a new sandbox and steal the kid's pail and shovel. Invade another country and take over their oil fields. Just like that. GENIUS!

If you can't stomach the 15 minute interview (but I suggest you try), here's another quote that can't be ignored: "I have great respect for Fox, I think they do a great job." Well no wonder Trump has not only boarded the crazy train but has become its conductor. He gets his news from Fox! Watching Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity is bound to eat at your brain cells like crystal meth.

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